Using the feeding guide on the label of your Hill's puppy food as a starting point, adjust the amount to maintain optimum body weight. Amounts may vary depending on age, size, activity level, temperament, environment and health. Puppies grow faster in the first few months, but slow down after that. 
For Large Breed Puppies (dogs who will weight more than 55 pounds as an adult), check with your veterinarian because these breeds can grow too quickly, which can lead to developmental skeletal problems. At every veterinary visit, discuss your puppy's body condition score and the amount of food you're feeding to ensure your puppy's needs are met.
How to feed your puppy

You should feed your puppy enough of the proper food to meet his energy needs but never feed on demand. Begin with three to four meals a day at set times. Food should be left for about 15 minutes. Whatever has not been eaten should be removed.  

The picky eater

Almost without exception, puppies that become picky eaters have been overindulged by their owners. Aside from the odd dog treat, your puppy should only be fed food specially made for him. Don't get into the habit of feeding him scraps from the table. Along with creating a fussy eater, you may be creating habits that can lead to health and weight problems later in life.

Dry vs. wet

Dry food is made up of small pieces called kibbles. It's very convenient to serve and keeps well. It's also cost-effective, as you can buy it in large bags. As long as the food you choose is "complete," it will contain everything your puppy needs for optimum growth and development. There is no need to supplement with any other food. If you want to add variety to your puppy's meals, you could feed a canned puppy food alongside the dry. But always make sure you check the correct feeding amounts to avoid overfeeding. Wet foods are available in cans , and a good-quality, complete wet food will also provide your puppy with all the nutrients he needs. It's a little less cost-effective than dry, but some owners like to offer it alongside dry food to provide variety.

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